Fix Frozen or Hung Videos Files

Posted by: Julie Strong

Imagine a situation where you are watching your favorite movie, and it started to pause in between while you were enjoying the moment. You drag the video some minutes behind on timeline in the hope of impeccable viewing experience, but it occurs again. Isn't frustrating?

This problem happens most of the times while streaming video online or watching an HD video on your system with any media player. Initially, it freezes in between and completely pauses after some time.

Now, before learning on how to fix frozen or hung videos, let’s know about its possible causes.


Most of the times, excess heat is a reason behind this. If your SMPS is not functioning well or CPU is not powering it well, owing to lack of power supply, generation of excess heat is sure to happen. This in return affects the video performance as well.

Outdated Players:

If the player you are using is outdated or does not have latest sets of drivers, the video may find difficult to play over. Updated video cards instruct the OS on how to play the videos seamlessly.

Incorrect video resolution:

If the screen resolution is not meeting the minimum specification criteria, the video lags. Until the resolution is made correct, the video will keep on pausing in between.

Poor Internet connectivity:

It is undeniable that if you are watching video through live internet streaming and the connectivity has the weak strength then constant pausing and lagging will be there.

The probable manual solution that one can opt:

You can add the external cooling system to keep the inner system cool. Also, to fix frozen or hung videos, you can update your video card with the latest software. In case, screen resolution is your issue that can be easily resolved through changing that specification from the system setting. Last but not the least, if you detect that it is the poor internet connectivity, you may opt for high data speed service for a flawless streaming of the video.

manual solution

Now all the above-listed methodologies will work fine provided the issue is not connected to the video itself.

Otherwise, it is evident conclusion that the video file has got damaged and a third party software's help is bare essential. In this regard, Video Repair tool can be used to fix frozen or hung videos. It can mark a complete revamp of your damaged video file back to normal from issues like improper compression, unwanted system shutdown, corrupt header files, errors to the nomenclature, and other such read/write errors.

Video Repair for Win Video Repair for Mac

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