Fix QuickTime Error 23132 with M4V Files

Posted by: Julie Strong

Most of the people have complained that they are facing a QuickTime Error 23132 with their M4V files after the current update of iTunes 12.1 Version. According to them, before the update, they didn't have any issues while playing the M4V files in QuickTime. Even though rest of the files are playing, as usual, the only problem is happening during the execution of M4V files. Even updating the QuickTime to 7.7.6 version also seems to be not helping at all.

Fix your QuickTime Error 23132 associated with M4V files:

There are various hacks provided to solve the problem regarding the Error 23132, either through manual or software. Before we start, let’s look at the core of the problem, its triggering factors, and symptoms.

What does it mean when the QuickTime Error 23132 displayed on your screen?

It is usually a Windows System File Damage Error that is a result of any unexpected occurrence in the system, or the result of any failed operation to run the software.

Circumstances that lead to the creation of QuickTime Error 23132

There are various reasons those could lead to QuickTime Error 23132. Be it the Damage of QuickTime, the infection of your PC with a Virus, or the corruption of your current registered Windows; all these can contribute towards the QuickTime Error 23132. Some other issues such as accidental deletion of any QuickTime related files, any damage to the file happened in your Window system as well as an improper installation of the QuickTime Application also lead to such mess.

Primary Symptoms associated with QuickTime Error 23132

Most of the users experienced a pop up of “QuickTime Error 23132” on their PC’s screen. While some faces the crash of their Active Program window, others say that their system gets freeze for few seconds. The system gets frequently crashed while running the same Program and also it becomes very slow.

It is recommended to track the time of the error such as where and when it happened.

Now let's discuss the proper way to fix QuickTime Error 23132 of the M4V file.

You can rectify the error using both the manual and Software way.

Let's start with Manual Approach:

The first tasks you have to do is update all your PC's device drivers and then with the help of the cleanmgr tool, eliminate all the junk files from your system. Then repair all kinds of registry entries linked with the error, and then execute a clean Installation process of Windows as it is recommended to update the windows. Also, Use the system restore option from your windows to undo any system Changes that might be resulting in the error.

Manual Approach

The manual method is appropriate for those, who have a basic technical knowledge of windows. Apart from time consumption, following the steps in a wrong way may even result in a more critical issue.


If you are comfortable with the manual methods to repair your QuickTime Error 23132, and then make sure you are following all the steps precisely. One more drawback of manual process is that it may result in the damage of M4V video files.

You can use one of the best Video Repair Tool, to repair M4V files as well as all your corrupted video files that usually happen due to changes in file formats, issues during compression, errors during reading or writing, etc.

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