Repair Corrupt MP4 and MOV Files

Posted by: Julie Strong
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VLC is a free media player that is known across the globe. While it is known as a robust media player, it has many stunning features that are known to experts only. One such feature of VLC player is it can help repair corrupt MP4 and MOV file.

To your surprise, it has a feature called VLC transcode that help converting corrupt MP4 and MOV files into playable video files. While the process is not much technical, you should have some skills. If you do not find yourself comfortable, you may look for an alternative free/paid solution to repair corrupt MP4 and MOV files.

Let’s see How to Repair Corrupt MP4 and MOV File using VLC and other Media Player

Here we are going to showcase three different methods using which you can repair corrupt MP4 and MOV videos.

Method 1: Using VLC Media Player to Repair Corrupt MP4 and MOV Files

Execute the below steps to fix your corrupt videos:

1: Start VLC player.

2: In Media, select the Convert or Save option.

3: Click the Add input files or streams option and click Convert or Save. The Convert window appears.

4: Enter the path of the corrupt video file in the Convert window.

5: Now, from the profile list, select a Codec.

6: Click the Edit Selected Profile button, if you want to modify the settings.

7: Click the Start button.

This process may take a few minutes depending upon the size of the MP4 or MOV video and the level of corruption. In maximum cases, this process is very efficient. However, if it does not work on your video, you can try the second method.

Method 2: Create a replica of MP4 or MOV file

You can do this by performing the below steps:

1: Copy the corrupt MP4 or MOV file and rename it to .avi.

2: Start VLC player.

3: Go to Select > Preferences > Input or Codes.

4: Click the Save button.

5: Select the Always Fix option.

Now, the VLC player will start its work and repair the corrupt MP4 or MOV file by creating its replica in .avi format.

If you find that none of these solutions are working for you, then the next method is to use professional software to repair MP4 and MOV files.

Method 3: Using a professional MP4 repair Software

When nothing works then, professional tools deliver great results. The Video Repair Software is developed with just an aim, which is to repair corrupt MP4 and MOV files without taking you through many difficult steps.

With a professional software, you just need to execute the below steps to see your corrupt file playing again:

Step1: Start the software.


Step2: Select the corrupt video files.


Step3: Click the Repair button.


Step4: That’s all! Now the software will repair the files.


Step5: When the repairing is complete, you can preview the files.


Step6: Save the repaired videos at your selected location.


These are the three processes to repair corrupt MP4 and MOV files with ease.

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