Repair MOV File Error 2048

Posted by: Julie Strong
Repair MOV File Error 2048

If you come across the Error 2048 when playing MOV video file your QuickTime player, then do not worry. You can read this post to understand how to repair MOV file error 2048.

Do we really have a solution to fix a corrupt MOV file?

Yes, we have a solution. However, the solution is based on the reason of that error. You get error 2048 when then MOV file that you want to play is corrupt. And, the corruption can happen due to many reasons.

Let us go through the corruption reasons and then the solutions to repair MOV file error 2048.

1: Virus Infection

If a virus has infected your system or the media where you store your video files, your MOV files can be damaged.


You should use an anti-virus to ensure that your system does not get any infection.

2: Firmware Error

It happens when you have captured the video using a device like a Smartphone or a camcorder, but when you try to play the file, it gives you error 2048. It can be due to firmware corruption.


The easy fix to repair corrupt MOV file here is updating the application. Doing this can fix error 2048.

3: Corruption of MOV file header

The header of MOV file contains much essential information related to the video, such as its size, date, etc. And, if it gets corrupt, you may get error 2048.


The only fix for this error is using the MOV repair software that has the capability to fix corrupt MOV files.

4: Bad video compression

To save space on the hard disk, if you often compress video files, then it can also result in the damage of MOV files resulting in error 2048.


Never compress video files rather buy external hard disk drive to make some space for them. And, the solution is using an MOV Video repair software.

These are some reasons behind the corruption of MOV file and their solutions as well. However, if you just want to play the video without any concern about its file type, then you can convert the corrupt MOV file into any other format using the VLC player.

Converting the corrupt MOV file into another file format

1: Start VLC player.

2: Go to Media > Convert/save.

3: Click the Add button and select Convert or Save option.

4: Select Convert in the Settings section and then click Convert.

5: Select the corrupt file and click the Start button.

In a few minutes, the VLC player will complete the conversion, and your corrupt file will start playing. However, now it is no more an MOV file but any other file format.

What to do if nothing works?

If, none of the processes listed above work, then you can use an MOV Video Repair Software without any hitch. It will help you fix any number of corrupt MOV files without any technical expertise. You will not face Error 2048 after that.

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