Four excellent ways to perform windows data recovery

Excellent ways to perform windows data recovery

Microsoft Windows is an absolutely great operating system, but if it is not used properly, it may result in data loss, making you to perform Windows data recovery. You may be a victim of data loss due to several reasons, such as accidental data loss, partition damage, partition delete, virus attack, or there are many other reasons. Whatever the reason has made you lose your important data, here we help you recover the same.

Four excellent ways to perform windows data recovery

1 – restore recycle bin

It is one of the easiest methods that anyone – a novice or an expert – can easily perform. However, it is helpful only when you have accidentally deleted a file or a folder, and it has been moved into the recycle bin. If this is the case, open recycle bin folder, select the file or the folder you want to recover, right-click, and select restore. You are done with this easy step of data recovery in Windows.

2 – restore your backup

It is yet again an easiest method, but it works only when you have the backup of the data, which you have already lost. There are many wise people on the planet who maintain a backup of their important data using an additional hard disk drive, pen drive, etc. However, if you do not have a backup, you can consider the next step to perform an efficient windows data recovery for free.

3 – free windows data recovery tools

The next way to recover the lost data is actually awesome, because you will get the data back and you will invest even a single penny as well. There are many freebies available on the market that can help you recover lost files, folders, etc. Some of the free tools to perform data recovery are Recuva, Free Undelete, PC Inspector File Recover, and Disk Drill. Download one of these tools, install the tool, and scan the hard disk drive from which you need to recover the data.

4 – paid but professional windows data recovery tools

In case, the method described in the way # 3 does not work or you are not happy with the result, you can go ahead with a professional windows data recovery tool. You can also directly go ahead with a professional tool by skipping the method # 3. Professional tools work the same way the free tools work, but due to advanced technology and features used, you get more satisfying results than the free tools. The speed of data recovery is also high.