How to Fix Outlook OST Cannot be Found Error in MS Outlook?

Fix Outlook OST Cannot be Found Error in MS Outlook

Offline Outlook Data file, which is also called OST, is an important MS Outlook file without which you cannot perform email communication, store a contacts list, or send meeting alerts to other Outlook users when Outlook is in the offline mode. If the OST file is damaged, then MS Outlook cannot access it, and in this case, an error message is displayed on the screen.

The error message may vary based on the type of the corruption and the level of severity of the corruption. Based on the error message and its description, the user can repair OST file or can delete an old OST file and a new OST file will be created automatically. However, in case, the file has been severely damaged or its Outlook profile has been damaged, you will have to repair it and convert into a PST file.

Let’s have a look at the reasons due to which Outlook is forced to display the “Outlook OST cannot be found” message.

List of possible reasons behind the error

• The file has been renamed and Outlook cannot recognize the OST file on the specified location. One can rename the OST file when it is not in use, meaning Outlook is not in the running state.
• The file is placed on a shared network or a network drive, and the connection of your PC and the shared drive has been broken.
• The OST file has been damaged due to any known or unknown reasons.

Possible solutions to fix the Outlook OST cannot be found error

• Changing the file name to its original name can fix the issue.
• Fixing the network connectivity can fix the issue.
• In case of corruption, you have to either create a new OST file or repair the current one using OST to PST tool.

How to repair OST file using OST to PST tool?

Before you use an OST to PST file, it is suggested that you calculate the importance of the damaged file. If it does not have important data, you can recreate the file. However, in case, it is very much important, you are left with only one option, which is using a professional OST to PST tool. One thing to note is, a professional OST to PST software is always paid, so be ready for it. But, the best thing is, these tools are available for free trial. You can download from and use free trial software to see if it is able to recover the lost data from the corrupt file. In maximum cases, these tools work beautifully that you get back the data without any damage or harm to the quality.