How to convert mbox to pst files?

Convert MBOX to PST Files

Have you shifted from your current email program to MS Outlook? Was your last email program created aMbox file to store data? If yes, then you need to understand that Mbox is a file format that many email clients like Thunderbird, AppleMail, etc. use to store users’ emails, notes, contacts, and many other such details. You cannot open this file in MS Outlook unless you convert Mbox to PST using a converter.

There is no manual process available that can help you convert Mbox to PST however, there is a free tool available that helps you to convert Mbox to EML. You can open that EML in MS Outlook; however, the free tool has several limitations.

Let’s see how to use the free IMAPSize tool to convert Mbox to PST:

You can now open the EML file in MS Outlook simply through drag and drop. However, through this way, you will be limited as you cannot create the PST file. Also, if you feel that the quality is not good, the only option left for you is using an apt Mbox to PST Converter.

A good MBOX to PST converter is an easy-to-use application that helps you access the data of Mbox file in MS Outlook. You can create a PST file, which can be imported in Outlook 2007 and upper versions. The best part of the dedicated converter is it works much better than a free solution. You get 100% accuracy per email data, properties, layout, etc. You can everything converted to PST, including email folders, emails, contact, attachments, images, properties, hyperlinks, etc.