How to convert olm to pst file?

Convert OLM to PST File

Microsoft Outlook for Mac creates a file called OLM to keep all your emails, contacts, notes, etc. You can access this file only on Mac, and in case, you need to access your emails on a Windows PC, you will first need to convert OLM to PST File. It is true that both Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows are Microsoft’s products, but still, there are many differences that limit your access to your emails to the related operating system. You will need a PST file for Windows.

As you do not have any other solution, we recommend using an apt OLM to PST Converter rather than using any free or cheap converter. Why do we recommend using a good application? The reason is very much simple. A free application may save you money but put you at the risk of quality and security. On the other hand, a well-developed application provides several high-end features while ensuring that you get everything in the same format as it was in the OLM file. Moreover, the security of your data is always ensured.

Features that you may get a good converter are:

  • Systemized interface – you need not spend hours learning such a simple interface
  • Quality – you need not check every email to check if the properties are same as the OLM file
  • Speed – you save your time as a professionally designed software to convert OLM to PST file works faster than a free tool
  • Repair – you need not check if your OLM file is working or corrupt; the software will convert even the corrupt file
  • Multiple saving options – Save the OLM file data as PST, MSG, or EML for your ease

These are the top five features of a professional converter. Also, you get a free trial version. It is free but works like a pro because it does not allow you save OLM to PST. You can use the free version to ensure it is working. Purchase a license once you are happy with the results of the free trial version, visit here: