What is the Easiest way to Access Apple emails in MS Outlook?

Easiest way to Access Apple emails in MS Outlook

World has two technology leaders namely Microsoft and Apple. People love both Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows, and this is the reason why application developers need to ensure the compatibility of their applications on both of these popular operating systems. But sometimes it happens that you want to access files created in one application that is compatible to Apple but not Windows. In such a case, you have to perform the data conversion.

MBOX to PST conversion is such a conversion wherein you want to access Apple mails using Microsoft Outlook, but there is no such way to access Apple MBOX file in MS Windows. At anyhow, you have to convert the MBOX file to PST so here we are going to learn about an easiest way to access Apple emails in MS Outlook.

Why people move from Apple Mail to MS Outlook?

  • Job change: Most organizations allow their employees, if they want, to carry their mailbox folders with them. If you the one such employee who was working on Apple Mail in the previous organization but now you have MS Outlook, then you have to perform the conversion.
  • Gain Experience: The world is full of learners. Many people want to learn both Apple Mail and Outlook as both are the popular email clients. Learning both applications is another aspect but when they want to try accessing emails of Apple in MS Outlook, they need to perform the conversion.

How to perform MBOX to PST Conversion?

First and the foremost thing to understand is that there is no manual way to perform the conversion. Also, there is no free solution that can help you perform MBOX to PST conversion. You have only one solution that is using a professional tool that has been specifically developed to help you with this conversion. The process is very easy, as demonstrated below:

  1. Search for a converter on Google.
  2. Download the trial version of the software.
  3. Install it.
  4. Launch the software.
  5. Browse the MBOX file.
  6. Start the conversion. Within a few minutes, you will see the data of MBOX file into the software itself.
  7. Go through the data mail by mail to ensure that the quality is good. If the quality is good, buy a license of the software to save the data into a PST file. If the quality is not good, repeat the above steps unless to find the best one. It may consume sometime but at the end you will have the best MBOX to PST converter that you will also love to recommend to others.