How to Fix Blurry or Distorted Videos?

It can be annoying when you come to know that the video that you captured is blurring. It may look “Ok” while running initially but may give real Goosebumps after proceeding little further. It is a common method trick for some people to play those on multiple players to fix the error automatically but sometimes, that even doesn’t work at all.

What Causes Videos to Blur?

Though we are discussing on fixing a blurred or distorted video, it is important that we should know about the primary triggering factors against those. As understanding the cause, making the video blur will enable us towards taking the right step. Some major reasons are listed below.

Unwanted camera movements

While capturing the video, if the person loses control over the camera, it may cause the video to blur. The absence of smothering of the camera motion is primary in most cases.

Shallow Depth of Field

Avoiding the technical definition and explaining in simple words, it refers to the area of your video that is in focus. If the person shooting the video does not maintain a proper level of depth of field as required, unwanted parts may get focused living behind the major ones blurred.

Limited Bandwidth

It is not like the video has an issue while filming rather, RAM and Graphics card can make a limited bandwidth and force the video to the stream which causes it to blur.

These can be treated well through tools that repair blurry video files. However, if the video is distorted, it needs a stronger one to get fixed. Some of the possible reasons in corrupting your video may include:

  • Damage of the header
  • Error while compiling
  • Bad Sector formation
  • Improper handling of the video
  • Unwanted system shutdowns
  • Possible intervention of malware, spyware or other viruses

Let’s see how to fix a blurred or distorted video.

You can fix blurry or distorted videos using a simple tool named Video Repair tool.

This video repair tool makes the necessary technical fixes and brings back the shaky video in a focused one to make it watchable with high quality. It successfully detects the sharp edges and uses them wisely to fix the blurring sections of the similar contents in adjacent frames. While doing this, it also ensures that the De-blurred parts are unchanged and remain as they are. The friendly interface makes it comfortable to use in such a way that anyone can use this video repair tool with much ease.

Unlike any armature video repair tool, it is compatible with any OS system; Windows and Mac. The software can coherently read/write errors and file format changes with much ease. So repair blurry video with the software that has been recommended by many experienced professionals after thoroughly analyzing its performances on critical parameters.